WARNING: Having Email Display Sender’s Contact Image and Info Helps Scammers Get in Through the Cracks

Every webmail service out there, be it Gmail, Yahoo, Hotmail, or other, encourages you to upload or merge your contacts with their system. And most Mac and PC email programs automatically cross-reference an incoming email sender with their entry in your contacts. The result is often that their contact profile picture, and ‘friendly’ name, is displayed as the sender of that email in your inbox.

Newest Craigslist Scam: “You have successfully posted your Craigslist ad”

Scammers are targeting Internet users with a new Craigslist scam – well, really more of a Craiglist spoof – wherein they send email to you, mostly from ‘robot@craigslist.org’, telling you that “you have succesfully posted your Craigslist ad” (although the samples we have seen actually misspell several words, so it ends up looking like “You have successfuly posted your Craiglist.org ad”).

Spurned Sprint Rebounds, Hooks Up with Google Voice

As any jilted lover would, Sprint has rebounded, and has gotten into bed with Google voice. And, frankly, we think they make a better couple anyways. The sweet sound made by a direct connection between your Google Voice account and your cel phone is music to the ears. As mentioned earlier today, Sprint and T-Mobile USA’s courting didn’t stand a chance once AT&T cut in and swept T-Mobile off the dance floor. But Sprint had a friend with benefits up their sleeve, and it was announced today that Sprint has integrated Google Voice into their offerings.

Tiny Free Browser Add-On Authenticates Email for You!

How many times have you received email that purports to be from a friend, or from someone with whom you do business, only to find out that you nearly got taken in by a fake? We here at the Internet Patrol, and our parent company, the Institute for Social Internet Public Policy, are offering readers of the Internet Patrol an exciting opportunity to take part in the testing of a new browser add-on that will help to protect you against such spoofing.