Full Text of French President Macron’s “Make Our Planet Great Again” Speech

Oh Internet video, the bane of those Internet citizens who prefer to read text. If you, like many others, have been searching the world over (quite literally) for the full text of French president Emmanuel Macron’s speech following the United States’ withdrawal from the Paris Climate Agreement (more formally known as the Paris Climate Accord), we have it for you! What is most unusual is that following Macron’s speech on the subject in French (he is the president of France after all), he gave a speech in English, clearly for Americans and other English speakers. It is in this English address that he uttered the potshot heard round the world: “Make our planet great again.”

Full Text of President Obama’s February 24 2009 Speech to Congress

People are looking all over online for it – so here it is: the full text of President Obama’s address (it’s not a “State of the Union Address” as that officially happens after his first year in office, although for all intents and purposes it was a State of the Union – or, rather, a State of the Economy or State of the Economic Recovery address) that he gave on Tuesday, February 24th, 2009