Time Email Received Helps to Identify Spam – More Spam Received at Night

Craig Hughes, who originally worked with the Spam Assassin team, and then went on to found GumStix, has discovered something interesting: much more spam is received during the nighttime hours than during the day. It’s a dramatic enough difference that Hughes says that he is convinced that ‘time of day received’ is a useful test to help determine whether something is spam.

Feds Take Down Worldwide VPXL Spammers Lance Atkinson and Jody Smith

Authorities in the U.S. and New Zealand have coordinated to take down big time male enhancement and supplement spammers Lance Atkinson and Jody Smith, and their Target Pharmacy, Canadian Healthcare, Inet Ventures, Tango Pay, Click Fusion, and TwoBucks Trading spam operations. Lance Atkinson and Jody Smith were the muscle behind what Spamhaus has called “the biggest spam gang in the world,” and they recruited countless affiliates to send their spam through a spam affiliate program called Affking.

Big Time Law Firm Resorts to Spamming

Whenever somebody starts ranting about “the damn lawyers”, of which I’m one, mind you, I’m fond of saying “you know, 95% of the lawyers out there… make the other 5% of us look really bad.” It’s tongue-in-cheek, of course, because people expect the message following the “…” to be that 95% of the lawyers are good, and it’s the small 5% that are the bad apples. And, of course, in reality usually the numbers do flow in that direction. But unfortunately, sometimes, it’s all to true. But even I, jaded though I am, was stunned when this little gem – this blog comment spam – advertising the firm of Gersowitz, Libo & Korek – landed on the Internet Patrol today.

Spammer Jailbreak

Prolific spammer Eddie Davidson was arrested last year, and, in April was sentenced to twenty-one months at the Federal prison in Florence, Colorado – about 3 hours north of Denver. This past Sunday, Davidson escaped from Florence Prison, and is at large.