Allow Button not Working when App is Blocked from Loading on Mac? This May be the Problem! Plus How to Get that ‘from Anywhere’ Option Back

Depending on your security and privacy settings on your Apple Mac, you may get a message that software or an app you were installing “was blocked from opening because it is not from an identified developer.” And when you try to override it, the ‘Allow’ or ‘Open Anyway’ button doesn’t work. The explanation below may be why!

Apple CEO Tim Cook Issues Open Letter, Apologizes for iPhone 5 iOS 6 Mapping Software

Apple CEO Tim Cook has issued an open letter apologizing for how badly the new Apple iPhone 5 iOS 6 Mapping app sucks. In the mapping apology, Cook acknowledges that with the stunning issues with the iPhone 5’s maps, which has been dubbed ‘Mapplegate’, Apple “fell short on their commitment” to “deliver the best experience possible to our customers.” However, he also claims that the more people use the map app, the better it will get, which somehow sounds like “we released it half-baked so that our users could be the guinea pigs who get the data into it.”