Facebook Post Sends Martin Shkreli to Jail

You remember Martin Shkreli, right? He’s the guy who founded Turing Pharmaceuticals, and then acquired the only marketing rights in the U.S. to pyrimethamine (a drug used by, among others, HIV patients), marketed in the U.S. as Daraprim, boosting the price by 5500% per dose. Well, he wasn’t convicted for doing that, but he was convicted for securities fraud, and has been out on bail while awaiting sentencing. Except, a post that he made on Facebook just got him sent to jail. For a post he made on social media. Let’s repeat that – someone is going to jail for a post they made on Facebook. Here’s what Martin Shkreli’s post said:

The Blue Whale Suicide Challenge Game for Teens – It’s Real Enough

The Blue Whale Challenge, also known as the Blue Whale Game, is purported to be a deadly game which targets teenagers online and through social media. Said to be named after the way a blue whale will beach itself and die, Blue Whale consists of 50 challenges, increasingly harmful, photographic completion of which you send back to your handler (known as the ‘curator’ or the ‘administrator’), with the final fiftieth challenge being suicide, also broadcast via social media.

Foreigners Entering U.S. May Be Asked to Provide Facebook, Twitter and Other Social Media Account Information

A new proposal by the Department of Homeland Security’s U.S. Customs and Border Protection (CBP) division would revise their current information collection system for foreigners applying to enter the United States by requesting information about the individual’s Facebook, Twitter, and other social media accounts. CBP is proposing that “Please enter information associated with your online presence – Provider/Platform – Social media identifier” be added to the applications for entry to the U.S..

Federal Agencies to Include Your Social Media Accounts in Security Clearance Background Check

We’ve been telling readers for years that you need to be very careful about what you say and post on social media, whether Facebook, Twitter, Snapchat, Instagram, or other sites. It can be used against you in divorce proceedings, in lawsuits and criminal trials, and, of course, in the court of popular opinion. Now add another place it can be used against you to the list: during the background check for your Federal security clearance. (Full text of directive below.)

Social Media Command Centers the Next Big Thing in Customer Service

Social media command centers, staffed with social media first responders known as “social care representatives” are being implemented by companies who grasp what many brands fail to recognize: that social media is a real-time customer service voice that brands can be used for social media successes, or ignored and turned into public social media disasters. Airlines, in particular, are jumping on board.

Technology, Social Media, and the Boston Marathon Bombing

The Boston Marathon bombing, like most tragedies, has prompted countless reflections and questions; some of this soul-searching has been quite general – how is humanity capable of both ruinous evil and heroic good? – and some of it is quite specific – how many people where injured, who are they, exactly how did they get hurt? The much-discussed topic of how technology and social media have impacted the response to the Boston Marathon killings is both general and specific. It is general in that people are asking expansive questions about what role, if any, amateurs armed with computers and an internet connection should play in an active terrorist investigation, and it is specific in that, regardless of how you answer the first question, amateurs are playing a role in an active terrorist investigation, zeroing in on the minutest details of the thousands of photos of the crime scene floating around the internet. We’ll attempt to navigate between the two poles, exploring the intersection of technology, social media, and the Boston Marathon bombing details that have emerged so far.

MySpace Comes Back from the Dead Fully Reanimated. New MySpace Site Includes Gorgeous Video and Eye-Popping Graphics

Justin Timberlake is again bringing sexy back, this time to Myspace. Unveiling the new Myspace on Monday, Justin Timberlake and his two fellow investors, Chris and Tim Vanderhook, premiered a video presentation to company employees. The new design is sleek, graphically pleasing, is easy to use, imports Facebook contacts, and brings together users and their favorite artists. As Tim Vanderhook put it, “In a single sentence, it’s a social network for the creative community to connect to their fans.”