AT&T Rolls Out Live and Streaming TV on Mobile Devices

AT&T is offering live streaming television direct to your smartphone or tablet, and even your Android or Apple Watch, through its U-Verse apps and offerings. While you do have to have an AT&T U-verse television package that includes home television (and includes giving you a DVR), there is no reason you have to use it at home or use the DVR, you can choose to access only the online streaming service.

Cell Phone Holder for Car Uses CD Slot to Hold iPhone and Smartphones

We got such a great response to our article on the iPhone holder for cars that uses the cassette deck, that we thought we’d write an article about a similar device that holds your phone using your CD slot in your car. We especially figured we should do that because we got a couple of questions asking whether there was a smartphone holder that uses your car’s CD player. There is.

Amazon 3D Smartphone to Be Announced June 18

A new device is coming to Amazon on June 18th, and while Amazon is playing coy about it to build buzz, most in the know say that it will be the long-awaited Amazon Smartphone. Indeed, Amazon’s own buzz builder teases the edge of a device that looks decidedly smartphonish. And it won’t be just any smartphone, but an Amazon 3D smartphone.

NSA Mining Data from Smartphone Apps

Turns out there is another reason for rejecting all those insidious game invitations from smartphone apps and their Facebook counterparts: the New York Times has revealed today that the NSA and its British counterpart, GCHQ, are mining the data that your smartphone apps are generating, from location data, to contact lists, to phone logs and even the data embedded in images. Dubbed the “Mobile Surge” by the Brits, the intelligence community is giddy with glee over the trove of data served up by mobile apps.

The Doctor is In…Your Pocket: New “Emotion Sense” Pocket Therapist Mood App

There have been other smartphone mood apps created, but none that take it to the limit like the Emotion Sense app that has been released to the public, for free. Developed in part as a research tool, the Emotion Sense app, which has been likened to having a therapist in your pocket, not only senses your emotions, but then correlates and cross-references that input with how you interact with your phone throughout the day.

New Android Lookout App Emails Photo of Thief to Owners of Stolen Android Phones and Tablets

An Android app that helps you catch your smartphone or tablet thief is an idea whose time has come! If you are the owner of one of these phones, a stolen phone is one of the worst fates that can fall upon your phone, behind being left behind or falling in a toilet. Well now Android users can rest assured that they now have a way to increase the chances of recovering their phones; with the Lock Cam app, by Lookout Mobile Security service.

Apple Wins Big Over Samsung: Federal Jury Awards Apple Over $1 Billion from Samsung for Patent Infringement

The verdict is in: Samsung must pay Apple $1.5 billion for smartphone patent infringement. The lawsuit, filed by Apple Inc. last year, accused Samsung of copying the design of iPhones and iPads. Jurors on Friday produced a 20-page verdict, agreeing with Apple’s assertion that Samsung’s smartphones copied the design of the Apple iPhone, in both design and features. Apple lawyers produced pictures of the Samsung smartphones both before and after the introduction of the iPhone.