Privacy Experts Warn that Skype’s New Technology Upgrades Only Serve to Compromise User Privacy

Skype has found themselves in a privacy PR nightmare as reports are slowly coming out that the online voice and video chat company may be cooperating with governing authorities to make private conversations more accessible. As those with privacy concerns fear that yet another communications company is selling out user privacy, Skype is quick to deny that anything is changing. They do acknowledge that they have made technical upgrades to the Skype systems, but are quick to assert that these upgrades have nothing to do with helping police spy on those who are possibly using Skype to discuss illegal activity.

Facebook and Skype to Wed – or at Least are Friends with Benefits

There are several reports that Facebook and Skype are about to enter into digital matrimony or, at very least, are becoming friends with benefits. According to the reports, while rumours that Facebook and Skype may merge are not true, it is true that a partnership is apparently in the offing, and that Facebook users are going to be able to talk to each other over Facebook, using technology that is, under the hood, decidedly Skypeish.

Nokia Phones Become Free Skype Phones with Skype for Symbian Phones

If you’ve always wished that your cell phone could be used as a Skype wifi phone, well, your wish for a Skype phone just came true – at least if your phone is a Nokia phone running the Symbian operating system. Now instead of having to have two phones (both a Skype wireless phone and a cell phone) in order to effectively use a Skype internet phone plus have cell service, you can have it all on one phone – your regular cellular service plus free Skype to Skype calling, free Skype text messaging, and all the other Skype goodies. Unlike those Skype cordless VoIP phones, Skype for your Nokia mobile phone works both on wifi and on your 3G network, turning your cell phone into a wireless Skype phone wherever you are! And, your nifty new Skype mobile wireless phone works for global Skype to Skype calls, too! Remember – this isn’t cellular provider dependent – “Will Skype work on a Nextel cell phone,” or “Will Skype work on a Verizon or AT and T cell phone” is no longer the question to ask (although there is also a Verizon-specific Skype available) – all you need to ask yourself is “Is there a Skype application for my brand of cell phone,” and if your phone is one of the Nokia phones with which this Skype for Nokia works, the answer is “Yes,” regardless of who your cell phone provider is!