Internet “Traveling Cloud Museum” Shines Light on the Hart Island Dead

Hart Island in New York is a massive burial site for the poor and unclaimed. A mass grave cemetary, also known as a “Potter’s field”, Hart Island (sometimes referred to as Hart’s Island or Heart Island) is run by the New York City Department of Correction, and few living people, other than the Rikers Island inmates who dig the pauper’s graves, are allowed to set foot on Hart Island. Even for the relatives of the dead who are buried there, the New York City DoC grants visiting permission only rarely.

Dating Site Meets Facial Recognition with Find Your Face Mate Site.

It’s no secret that facial recognition software is here – and on the Internet – to stay. More than two years ago we told Internet Patrol readers how Facebook is using face matching software on the photos you upload, and more recently we told of how the police are using facial recognition software on pictures they find in social media to find criminals and persons of interest. But even we were surprised at this novel use of facial recognition software: finding a mate based on facial similarities to yourself.

Federal Government Offers Dating Site with Relationship and Marriage Advice

Move over,, eHarmony and – the Federal government is getting into the online dating and relationship space, with their very own online dating site called The Two of site includes advice on dating, relationships, and marriage. Perhaps once the Feds are able to bring their own relationships with the opposite sects more into harmony, and stop the acrimony and one-night stands in their own house (and senate), then we will be able to take a Federal dating advice site more seriously.