Amazon Lawsuit Settlement: Didn’t Get Your Notice of Credit? How to Find It

If you didn’t yet get a notice from Amazon about a credit from the settlement of the anti-trust price-fixing lawsuit against Apple and book publishers, you may be wondering “Am I entitled to the Amazon credit from the lawsuit settlement?”. You may even have come to the conclusion that you aren’t going to receive credit from the settlement, even though you are sure that you purchased ebooks from Amazon before April of 2012. Well, just because you haven’t received the notice yet, doesn’t mean that you don’t have a credit coming. Here’s how to find out if you are getting a credit from that lawsuit settlement.

You May be Owed Money from Paypal in Class Action Settlement for Improper Holds, Reserves, and Suspension of Paypal Accounts

If you had or have a Paypal account that was active between 2006 and 2015 (and who hasn’t?) you may be entitled to money from Paypal under the settlement of a class action lawsuit against Paypal. The lawsuit against Paypal, Moises Zepeda v. PayPal Inc. (case number 4:10-cv-02500-SBA, the full Zapeda v. Paypal complaint is below), was filed back in 2010, and is finally settled.

Netflix Class Action Lawsuit over Privacy Settled – You May be a ‘Winner’

A settlement over the class action lawsuit against Netflix for privacy issues, which included retaining personally identifiable data with respect to customer video renting and viewing habits, has been reached, and if you are a current or former Netflix subscriber, you may have received an email notice of the class action settlement. The email, sent from “Online DVD Class Action Administrator” has a subject of “Video Privacy Lawsuit – Current and Former Netflix Subscribers”, and goes on to tell you what your rights are with respect to the settlement, which settlement includes Netflix ‘decoupling’ your video rental and viewing data from your personal information. It also advises you that you have to opt out of the settlement in order to retain any rights you may have to sue Netflix directly over the privacy violation.

Myspace and Feds Settle Charges Over Myspace’s Sloppy Sharing of User’s Personal Information with Advertisers

Myspace (yes, they are still around, believe it or not) has settle charges with the Federal Trade Commission over Myspace’s alleged misleading of their users as to how Myspace was handling user personal information. Put plainly, Myspace was sharing the personal information of their users with advertisers, but misleading users about how they were using their personal information.

Google Buzz Lawsuit Reaches Settlement, Google Emails Everyone

Earlier this year, Google was sued over its Google Buzz service. The Google Buzz lawsuit alleged that, among other things, with the rollout of Google Buzz, Google was in violation of the Computer Fraud and Abuse Act. Part of the issue was that when Google flipped the switch on Google Buzz, they had automatically created a social network for each of their Gmail users, assigning ‘followers’ to their Gmail users. The followers could see the users’ activities in other Google properties such as Picasa and Google Reader. In at least one known instance, that had the effect of suddenly allowing a woman’s abusive ex-husband to follow her Google Reader conversations with her new boyfriend.

Google Settles Class Action Book Scanning Copyright Infringement Lawsuit

It’s no secret that Google is scanning entire books and putting them on the Internet. In fact, we reported their first wholesale scanning project – scanning books from five major libraries – more than four years ago. That lead to outcries and debates over whether Google’s scanning of books was copyright infringement, and sure enough, in what seemed like a New York minute, the Author’s Guild sued Google over that scanning.