Here Are the Benefits of eBay’s Concierge Service, including Live Chat with Customer Service!

eBay is slowly rolling out its premium eBay Concierge Service to both buyers and sellers. Launched just about exactly one year ago, in October 2016, eBay’s Concierge services have only been available to a select few, are by invite only, and among other things allow Concierge members to chat in real-time with a customer service agent! Here’s what you need to know if you get one of these invitations.

Complete List of Amazon Echo Commands that can Trigger an IFTTT Recipe

Here is a complete list of the commands that you can give to your Amazon Echo to which you can tie actions to be taken in an IFTTT recipe. When you say this to Alexa, it will cause a particular predefined action that you have defined (the IFTTT recipe) to be taken. For example, when we say “Alexa, play Amy Winehouse’s You Know I’m No Good,” our Facebook status gets updated when the song starts playing.

Complete List of Amazon Echo IFTTT Recipe Connections, Services and Actions

In our recent article on using your Amazon Echo to control home automation, along with how to get it to do countless other things using IFTTT recipes, we gave you a tutorial on how to create an IFTTT recipe, using posting the name of the song you are listening to on your Echo as a status update on Facebook. Here is a complete list of the services that you can connect your Amazon Echo to via IFTTT recipes.

California Law AB 242 Would Require Privacy Policies to be Written at an 8th Grade Reading Level and be No Longer Than 100 Words

Proposed California law AB 242, introduced by Assemblyman Ed Chau, is creating quite a buzz due to its wording, or rather, proposed lack of wording. AB 242 would require that all commercial websites and services offered through the Internet which collect personal information about California consumers make its privacy policy be written at a level of 8th grade reading, and be no longer 100 words.