Google Ordered to Disclose Everybody who Searched for a Particular Person in Edina, Minnesota

In an almost unprecedented move, a small town judge in Edina, Minnesota (population < 50,000) has authorized a warrant requiring Google to disclose any and all user or subscriber information for anybody who searched for the search term 'Douglas {last name}'. While Judge Gary Larson is not the Gary Larson of The Far Side fame, it does seem that this could be a situation straight out of that comic's universe.

Police Execute Warrant, Seize Gizmodo Computers Over iPhone 4G Brouhaha

From our “We told you so” department, San Mateo County sheriffs have executed a warrant, seizing computers and other items from Gizmodo editor Jason Chen’s residence, following the appearance of a lost secret iPhone 4G prototype both in Gizmodo’s possession, and on their blog, where they fully disclosed Apple’s proprietary prototype. Jason Chen was not arrested, although he was patted down.