How do You Feel about Having a ‘Social Score’? China Implements Social Credit Scores – Can Other Countries be Far Behind?

China has started rolling out the Chinese ‘social credit score’, which takes into account, among other things, your behaviors, and your purchases. But don’t think you’re immune if you don’t live in China; companies around the world, including the U.S., are already compiling a ‘social score’ on you. While a “social score” is different in some ways from a “social credit score”, it’s not really that far removed, and the potential is pretty concerning.

New Facebook Patent Lets Lenders Determine Whether to Give you a Loan based on Your Facebook Friends

With a new patent issued this week, Facebook is now able to give lenders access to information about who is in your social circle, and when you apply for a loan the lender will look at your Facebook friends’ credit ratings to determine whether or not to give you a loan! That’s right, approval for your loan will be based on your Facebook friends’ credit worthiness.