Cell Phone Screen Cracked or Charging Port not Working? Tablet Speakers on the Fritz? Cell Savers to the Rescue!

If you are wondering where you can get your cracked or broken screen replaced, or water damage fixed, on your iPhone, iPad, Samsung or Google smart phone, or other mobile device, what if we told you that you can have it fixed right in your own home or office? That’s exactly what Cell Savers does: they come right to you and repair your broken mobile phone or tablet, all at a very reasonable price!

Mac Logic Board Replacement WILL Lead to Issues with Time Machine and iTunes

Here at TIP we are a broadly Mac shop, and we do love our Apple computers. But that doesn’t mean that they never fail, and recently we learned the hard way that there are some known issues with certain repairs – Mac gotchas, if you will – that will get you every time. Such is the case with having your logic board replaced, which will cause problems for you with Time Machine and iTunes, because it changes your computer’s MAC address, on which Time Machine and iTunes rely to authenticate your computer. The biggest issue we see is that Apple knows about this, and doesn’t warn the customer before swapping out the logic board. A simple warning from Apple before replacing a logic board could save Apple customers hours – days even – of stress, heartache, and futile searching and effort; but Apple doesn’t give their customers that warning. So, we are giving you that warning – here’s our word to the wise.