How to Manually Add a Reminder Alert on Your iPhone

Siri has made it incredibly easy to set reminders on your iPhone. Want to be reminded of something you have to do at a certain time? Tell Siri to remind you when it’s time. Want to be reminded of something you need to do when you arrive somewhere? Tell Siri to set a reminder based on location. But what if you want to set a reminder manually – silently – without invoking Siri? Maybe you’re in a meeting, or church, or somewhere else where you don’t want Siri blabbing her loud mouth?

How to Get iPhone 4S’ Siri to Automatically Remind You of Your Reminder When You Arrive at a Location

If you have an iPhone 4S, you are probably already (mostly) loving iPhone 4S Siri. Oh, not in the way that Raj from The Big Bang Theory was loving Siri (a great episode, by the way!) but in that “How did I ever get along without Siri?” kind of way. But you may have found it maddeningly frustrating to try to get Siri to remind you of something by popping up a reminder when you gave arrived at a particular location. Oh sure, it works pretty well if that location is “home” or “work”, but what about when you arrive at other locations? Here’s how to get Siri to remind you upon arriving at a custom location.

How to Snooze Reminder Alert Notifications and Find the View Button in iOS 10

Apple giveth, and Apple taketh away. In this particular case, we are talking about the maddening changes in reminders and alerts (the alert notifications) that came with iOS 10. If you relied on being able to snooze a reminder alert notification, and can’t figure out how to snooze reminder alerts in iOS 10 so that you get another notification in 15 minutes or an hour, you’ve come to the right place. We also explain how to find that damned View button.