When Will My Amazon Echo Ship?

Are you wondering when your Amazon Echo will ship? Here’s how to tell approximately when your Amazon Echo will ship. As for wanting to know – well, you’re not alone. Even though you may have ordered your Amazon Echo months ago, even Amazon can’t tell you exactly what your Echo release date or your Amazon Echo ship date will be. In fact, how they are calculating the Amazon Echo shipping dates is something of a mystery.

Sony Movie “The Interview” Hack and Terror Threat Explained

Here is what is going on around the Sony hack tied to Sony’s ‘The Interview’ movie, and the The Interview threat from the Sony hackers. The Interview, with a Christmas release date, sees Seth Rogen and James Franco’s characters going to North Korea to interview North Korean leader Kim Jong Un, and convinced by the CIA to take the opportunity to kill Kim Jong Un. Ahead of its release, hackers hacked into Sony, grabbed all sorts of private employee and corporate data, including copies of the movie and other unreleased movies including Annie, Mr. Turner, Fury, and Still Alice, and then issued the following threat, including allusions to 9/11.

Verizon Announces Release Date and Wifi Hotspot Features of Verizon iPhone

The wait is over – at least, the wait to learn how long the wait is is over. As we mentioned earlier, today was the big day for Verizon’s announcement of the Verizon iPhone. And Verizon did not disappoint: this morning they announced the Verizon iPhone’s release date, along with a couple of interesting features, some of which that other iPhone doesn’t even have, including, most notably, wireless hotspot capability, allowing you to not only to connect your laptop wirelessly to the Internet through your iPhone, but to share that connection, wirelessly, with four additional people.

Verizon iPhone to Be Announced Tomorrow, Release Date at End of This Month

The 2011 Verizon iPhone is to be announced tomorrow (Tuesday, January 10th), with a Verizon iPhone release date at the end of the month. At least that is what the overly-pumped up rumour mills are saying, and, it seems, with good reason. Verizon themselves sent out invitations to a special announcement event scheduled to be held in New York City tomorrow morning, at 11:00 a.m. EST. According to sources, Verizon will announce the CDMA iPhone tomorrow, and will start selling it during the last week of the month.