Anne’s List

Hi! I’m Anne P. Mitchell, attorney at law, and publisher of The Internet Patrol, among many other things. I’ve been on the Internet for a very long time, and over the years I have accumulated a list of things, ranging from books, to services, to electronics, and everything in between, that I can highly recommend. Here they are.

NSA Surveillance Needs Oversight, Says President’s Review Group Report and Recommendations

The President’s Review Group, convened to address NSA surveillance and related issues revealed by Edward Snowden, has issued its report and recommendations on how to rein in and address the widespread, overbroad nature of NSA surveillance in general, and its trampling of privacy in particular, while at the same time addressing the genuine need for national security.

Positive Recommendations on LinkedIn Used in Lawsuits Against the Recommender

Employment attorneys are warning of a new trend: the use of positive recommendations on Linked-In as evidence in lawsuits against the recommender. Here’s how it works: an employer gives a positive recommendation on Linked In for an employee. The employee is later let go. The positive recommendation on LinkedIn now becomes ammunition and evidence in a lawsuit against the employer for discrimination, harrassment, or other improper firing practices.