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Got Email Saying to Call “*47” to Reach Highway Patrol in an Emergency? Here’s the Truth About It.

There is one of those ‘a friend of a friend’ forwarded emails going around right now that talks about how you can and should dial *47 (‘star 47’) if you are on the road, anywhere in the country, and have a dangerous situation or emergency, and it will connect you to the local highway patrol – and how it supposedly saved the life of a woman named Lauren who was being followed and flagged down by a convicted rapist pretending to be a police officer. (47 = HP, as in Highway Patrol.) There is, in fact, a kernal of truth to this, as in a handful of states you can dial *47 and reach highway patrol, however it is not true that you can do so in all 50 states. Read on to learn in which states you can dial * 47, and also what other emergency highway patrol shortcut numbers you can dial in other states.