Jenny Quits Job by Whiteboard a Big Fat Hoax

If you spent even a few hours this week on the Internet, you probably couldn’t help hearing about “Jenny”, the girl who quit her job by whiteboard, meaning that she took a series of 33 pictures, each of herself holding up a dry erase board with a different message written on the whiteboard in each picture, which she then emailed to all of her co-workers. The gist of the messages on the whiteboard was that she was quitting after hearing her insufferable boss call her a HPOA (for “hot piece of *ss”, although he was so lame he said “HOPA”). She also outed him for spending far too many work hours each week playing Farmville on Facebook. Instantly, Jenny became the hero, and lust object, of people around the world. What guts! What creativity! What bollucks!…because it turns out that “Girl quits her job on dry erase board, emails entire office” was a big fat hoax. In fact her name isn’t even Jenny, it’s Elyse Porterfield, and she’s an actress from LA. (Some are looking for Elise Porterfield or even Else Porterfield, but it’s Elyse Porterfield, we promise.)