How to Recover and Restore iTunes Music Purchases

We’ve written previously about how you can redownload your iTunes purchases, which is great if you don’t have that music on your current computer, smartphone, or other device. But what about if your purchased music files are on your computer drive or smartphone but have been damaged or otherwise corrupted? For example, a song always abruptly stops midway through playing, and iTunes won’t let you redownload the file? Here’s what to do.

Class Action Lawsuit Against Apple Over “In App Purchases” to Move Forward

A Federal court in San Jose has rejected Apple’s request for a dismissal of the class action lawsuit against Apple initiated by an angry parent whose child was able to purchase $200 worth of in-app purchases through a free app. Garen Meguerian, the lead plaintiff in the case, says that his daughter was able to purchase the $200 worth of “zombie toxin” and “gems” without his knowledge or permission.

Yes, You Can Download All of Your iTunes Purchases Again

What’s a person to do when their hard drive crashes, and they lose all of the songs that they purchased from iTunes? There is no option to redownload all of your iTunes purchases offered through either iTunes or the Apple website. However, while you may get chastised for not backing up your iTunes library (which you will do from now on, right?), it is possible to redownload iTunes songs again, and restore your iTunes library to its pre-crash state.