How to Browse LinkedIn Privately and Anonymously

One of the first things that people do when researching someone – be it a potential employer or employee, a vendor, or even a date – is to search for them in Google or another search engine. And often this will turn up a link to their LinkedIn profile. But you know that Linked In shows members who has visited their profile, and you don’t want them to know that you were checking up on them. It turns out that there is a way to visit someone’s profile on LinkedIn privately, and even anonymously. Here’s how to enable private, anonymous viewing of LinkedIn profiles.

How Your Profile Image Can Help People Track You Down and Stalk You

You may think that you are being oh-so-careful with your Google profile, profile, Facebook profile, or other social media or dating site (or other) profile. You never use your full real name publicly, you don’t share your address or where you work. But if you have an image in your profile that has ever been published anywhere else on the Internet, it can be very easy to use Google’s image matching search engine to quickly discover any information associated with that image anywhere online.

Facebook Launches Facebook Timeline – a Timeline of Your Facebook Profile

Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg has unveiled a key part of the Facebook master plan for their Facebook profile redesign: the Facebook Timeline. The Facebook Timeline is your timeline – your profile’s Timeline, from as far back as you want. In fact, there will be a “way back” section for things you can add (photos, etc.) that have to do with your past (from baby pictures on up).

With Launch of Social Network G+, Google Puts Squeeze on Users: No More Private Google Profiles

We’re betting that some in the Google inner circle are ruing the day that someone at Google HQ first uttered “Don’t be evil.” Like Bush’s “Read my lips, no new taxes”, it has become the iconic soundbite with which they are most associated. How that gels with the news that Google is now forcing anyone with a Google Profile to make that profile public or lose it, well, we’re sure we don’t know. But there it is: where users used to be able to keep their Google Profile private, Google has made clear that private profiles will no longer be permitted. Either take your Google Profile public, or lose it when they do a mass deletion of all private Google profiles on July 31st.