Amazon Boots Vendor Based on Fake Take Down Notice from Fake Law Firm

We’ve talked about DMCA (Digital Millennium Copyright Act) takedown notices before, both how easy they are to file, and how easy it is to use them to falsify a situation and get content that you don’t like taken down, even if it isn’t actually violating somebody’s intellectual property rights such as copyright or trademark. Now, in a twist on this, it’s been proven that it is very easy to get Amazon to remove a product based only on a fake intellectual property claim from a fake law firm.

“Launch” Answers How to Launch an Internet Business, Product, App or Website

Launch, the new book from massively successful launch entrepreneur Jeff Walker, answers the questions “How to launch a startup” in the Internet world, as well as how to launch an app, how to launch a website, or even generally how to launch a product (after all, an app or a website is, by many measures, a product). It is equally applicable if you are looking to reboot a business, product, or service.