Post Office’s ‘Informed Delivery’ Sends You Email and Text Notifications of Your Mail and Packages

The USPS (the U.S. Postal Service or, as most people refer to it, simply, ‘the post office’) Informed Delivery service is now in full swing. Announced earlier this year, with the Informed Delivery service you can sign up with the post office to have scans and notifications of your mail sent to you via email and text message, including first class envelopes and packages that are on their way to you.

California Councilman Proposes Email Tax to Help Foundering Post Office

A councilman in Berkeley, California, Gordon Wozniak, has proposed a new email tax as a way to help subsidize the U.S. postal service. The post office has bled red ink for several years, and in part this is being blamed on the rise of the use of email, instead of regular paper mail or, as it has come to be known, ‘snailmail’. Wozniak’s (no word on whether he is related to Steve Wozniak of Apple fame) idea is that a tiny tax on the billions of emails that are sent could help to bolster the failing postal service.

Post Office Announces it is Ending Saturday Delivery, as People Contemplate Alternatives to the Declining Postal Service

The United States Postal Service (USPS) announced that it is ending Saturday delivery in August of this year. While your local post office will still deliver packages, letters will only be delivered Monday through Friday, leaving many to turn to alternatives such as email and Internet faxing services. Email is already the alternative that has led to a huge decline in traditional snail mail, crippling USPS with a loss of tens of billions of dollars in most recent years. USPS estimates that it will save approximately $2 billion annually with this plan.