Facebook Post Sends Martin Shkreli to Jail

You remember Martin Shkreli, right? He’s the guy who founded Turing Pharmaceuticals, and then acquired the only marketing rights in the U.S. to pyrimethamine (a drug used by, among others, HIV patients), marketed in the U.S. as Daraprim, boosting the price by 5500% per dose. Well, he wasn’t convicted for doing that, but he was convicted for securities fraud, and has been out on bail while awaiting sentencing. Except, a post that he made on Facebook just got him sent to jail. For a post he made on social media. Let’s repeat that – someone is going to jail for a post they made on Facebook. Here’s what Martin Shkreli’s post said:

Here’s How to Share a Post from Instagram to a Facebook Group or Page

If you use Instagram, and have a Facebook page or a Facebook group, at some point you may have wondered how to share something that you’ve posted on Instagram with your Facebook page or Facebook group (or both). It’s very easy to share something that you post on Instagram with your personal Facebook timeline, but a Facebook group or page, not so much. Perhaps at some point, given that Facebook now owns Instagram, Facebook will add the ability to post from Instagram to a Facebook page or group, but for now this automated workaround works really well.

How to Display Code in a WordPress Post – It’s Easy!

If you write posts or articles in Wordpress, and if your site deals at all with technology, you may on occasion find yourself wanting to share code in a post. But how to post code in a Wordpress article without the code trying to render, rather than display (and likely breaking your post)? It turns out that it’s really easy, and doesn’t involve any extra code or anything else!

How To Override Emegency Moderation for a Subscriber in Mailman

If you are an administrator or moderator of a Mailman mailing list that is on emergency moderation, it may be that you will want to allow certain list members to post without being moderated. You may already know the general way to do this (while approving one of their posts, add them to the ‘Accepts’ sender filter), but what if you forget to do that, or accidentally check “ban” or add them to the ‘Rejects’ or ‘Discards’ sender filter? Here is how to make it so that they can post unmoderated to your Mailman list that is on emergency moderation (which simply means that all posts accept for moderator and administrator posts are held for approval).

How to Remove a Post or Comment from Your Facebook Wall

With the rash of Facebook spam and viruses going around (such as the “Vote for Nicole Santos” spam, and the “Please do your part in PREVENTING SPAM by VERIFYING YOUR ACCOUNT. Click VERIFY MY ACCOUNT right next to comment below to begin the verification process…” spam), it’s important that you know how to remove something that has been posted to your wall (never click on the “Remove this app” or “==VERIFY MY ACCOUNT==” links, those are links intended to trick you into infecting your machine!) Removing a post or comment from your wall is actually very easy. Here’s how to do it: