Play Music in the Background on Your iPad and Control it Using the On-Screen PopUp iPod Controller

Very few apps (applications) on the iPad run in the background, meaning that most of them simply stop when you hit the home button and exit the application. But with the iPod app on your iPad, you can have music in the background, and use any other application while listening to that iPod background music. And you can pop up a pop-up iPod controller (like a little iPod remote control) while you are using any other application, without ever leaving that app.!

How to Easily Create Pop-Ups for Your Website – Cool Post-It Note Effects and More

It’s so easy to create a pop-up for your website that is non-offensive, and that doesn’t alienate or upset your visitors! In about 4 seconds you will see a pink post-it note pop-up right here. We created that pop-up in less than five minutes using this fantastic, easy-to-use pop-up creator, which we now endorse. In fact, we are offering it through the Internet Patrol, and we stand behind it 110% – if you don’t love it, we’ll refund your full purchase price!