Law Enforcement is Searching and 23andMe DNA Databases

We’ve always said that submitting your DNA for DNA analysis at services like 23andMe, and AncestryDNA by, is a bad idea, because regardless of what ‘good’ can come from it, the potential for bad is just too great. Having unknown actors have access to your DNA information is a violation of privacy of the most basic, and intimate, kind. Sadly, we were right. Law enforcement agencies are now using what is known as “familial DNA search” to go on DNA fishing expeditions, searching for near matches to DNA found at a crime scene.

Police Officers Launch Disinformation Campaign on Waze Traffic App

Police in Miami have launched a disinformation campaign by misreporting their own locations in the traffic app, Waze. The police say that this serves two important purposes: first, thwarting Waze’s cop-reporting function so as to not enable drivers who only drive safely when they think they would get caught driving recklessly, and second, to thwart “cop stalkers” who might otherwise show up where a police officer really is for whatever reason.

Online “Girlfriend” Scams $200,000 from Illinois Man

From our “Why online scams work” department, a woman (if she is indeed a woman) who was in an online relationship with an Illinois man for over two years has managed to scam at least $200,000 from the man. The scam came to light when the 48-year-old man from Naperville, Illinois contacted police because his ‘girlfriend’ had disappeared right after he wired her the last of the $200,000, and he feared she had been kidnapped.