How to Reduce the Size of the Bloated Images on Your WordPress Site

We at the Internet Patrol are always walking that line between providing you with interesting and visually appealing content, and not holding your data and eyeballs hostage to gigantic videos, pop-ups, and images (how are we doing?) And to make it even more challenging, that line keeps moving. In our effort to keep up, we recently discovered a couple of great Wordpress plugins to optimize images, and also to resize images, or both, that are already on the site, to reduce their load on bandwidth, load speed, and your brain.

Is Plugin-Conta Eating Up Your Memory? Here’s What It Is and What to Do About It

So your Firefox browser is slow as molasses or unresponsive, and in fact your entire system is slowing towards a screeching halt. If you’re on a Mac, you do a ‘top’ and see that a process called “plugin-conta” is eating up your memory. If you’re on a Windows machine, well, you know the symptoms. What is plugin conta, and what to do? Here’s what.

WordPress Comment Spam Hack Disables Plugins and Allows Massive Comment Spam Injection

A new hack has Wordpress hackers disabling all of your Wordpress plugins (including, you see, Akismet or any other anti-spam comment spam stopper plugin), which then allows them to inject comment spam into your blog at will. So if you suddenly find yourself getting an enormous amount of comment spam all at once, or if you suddenly find your blog pages coming up blank (because with your plugins disabled, that often can be the case) you may be the victim of this latest plugin-disabling comment spam hack.