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How to Successfully Downgrade Your iCloud Account Storage Plan

If you’ve tried to downgrade your iCloud account storage plan to a less expensive one, or the free one, you may be wondering just how to downgrade your iCloud plan and have it actually stick. And the reason you’re wondering this is because no matter what you do when you to switch iCloud plans, it still shows you as having the previous plan – the one you are trying to cancel. Here’s how to successfully cancel or downgrade your iCloud storage options.

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Netflix Raises Rates – Netflix Rate Hike Affects All DVD Customers

Netflix has announced that they are raising their rates, effective for new customers immediately, while the new fees for existing customers will be effective September 1st. The rate hike is said to be necessary to reflect the increased cost of doing business, particularly with respect to postage rates for mailing DVDs. While the new prices apply to everyone, the new pricing plans will most affect those who had the unlimited streaming plus unlimited DVD plan, as Netflix is now separating the two plans, and you must pay a fee for each separately.