Massachusetts Police Officer Releases Confidential Images of Boston Bombing Suspect Dzhokhar Tsarnaev in Response to Rolling Stone Cover

In response to Boston Bombing suspect Dzhokhar Tsarnaev’s picture appearing on the cover of Rolling Stone, the police photographer who documented his capture, Sgt. Sean Murphy, released images of that night to Boston Magazine, which published them on their website. We explain why he did it, and what’s next.

Facebook: Now that We Own Instagram, All Your Pictures Are Belong to Us and We Can Sell Them With No Royalty to You

#Boycottinstagram is trending on Twitter and with good reason. Now that Facebook officially owns Instagram, they can use your pictures to sell and use however they want, royalty-free, and short of deleting your Instagram account, you have waived your rights and can’t opt out. Facebook has proven time and time again that they care little about user privacy, but now they are blatantly stating that they can use your own content for revenue, and they don’t care a lick about paying royalties.

How to Attach an Image or Other Attachment to Email on the iPhone

If you have been searching for a way to add an attachment – such as to attach an image – to an email in an iPhone, and think that you must be crazy because you can’t figure it out, well, you’re not crazy. While there is a way to email an image from the iPhone by first selecting the image, then hitting “email it”, there is in fact no obvious way on an iPhone or iPad to attach an image or other file to an already-existing email. And that, we think, is the crazy thing. In any other email application, and on any other smartphone (particularly Android) there is usually an “attach” button right in the email window! But not on the iPhone. But, there is a way to attach an image or other attachment in an iPhone, it’s just not obvious. Here it is.

How Your Profile Image Can Help People Track You Down and Stalk You

You may think that you are being oh-so-careful with your Google profile, profile, Facebook profile, or other social media or dating site (or other) profile. You never use your full real name publicly, you don’t share your address or where you work. But if you have an image in your profile that has ever been published anywhere else on the Internet, it can be very easy to use Google’s image matching search engine to quickly discover any information associated with that image anywhere online.

How to Select and Share Multiple Photos with Newer Versions of Android

If you have a new Android phone, such as the MyTouch 4G Slide, which has the newest version of Android on it (say, Gingerbread or newer), you may be frustrated trying to figure out how to email or otherwise share multiple pictures at a time. In older versions, you could just long-press an image in the thumbnail gallery, and it would let you select as many images as you wanted. But no more. It’s actually very easy to select and share multiple images in the newer versions of Android, you just have to know how to do it.

Elected Official Puts the “Weiner” in, Uh, Weiner

You’d think (and hope) that someone like an elected official would know better than to play the nasty with women, online. You’d think (and hope), but you’d be wrong. Again. This time it is New York Representative Anthony D. Weiner, who, for at least a week, claimed that the raunchy and inappropriate communications sent by him to women online were the work of hackers, and who earlier this week finally admitted that he was the one who sent them. The photo that brought it all tumbling down was a picture of his own plumped weiner (encased in his jockey shorts), which he allegedly sent to Washington State college student Gennette Cordova. The picture was in the account associated with Weiner’s verified Twitter account; his Yfrog account is now devoid of any pictures.

Real-Life Example: Picture of Children Filched from Blog and Made All-Too Public

We’ve been telling people for years not to put pictures of your children up online on the Internet. Nobody ever believes us that perfect strangers will not only find those pictures, but do inappropriate things with them. Now here’s a real-life example of this happening. In the instant case, Danielle and Jeff Smith are lucky that “all” that was done with the picture of their children is that it was blown up bigger than lifesize and used in an advertisement half-way around the world.

How and Where to Find Your Image Files in Your iPhoto Library

If you have found yourself wondering “Where are my image files stored in iPhoto?” or “How can I find the actual pictures in my iPhoto library?”, well, you’re not alone. Judging by the number of people searching to find out where iPhoto stores their picture files, it’s a pretty common question. Fortunately, it’s very easy to find your image files; your Mac and iPhoto actually hide them in plain sight!