How to Use the Apple Watch as a Pedometer Without Your iPhone and No Extra Apps

Does the Apple Watch natively record your steps without the iPhone? Yes! Your Apple Watch has a pedometer function, and automatically counts steps without the iPhone – in fact you don’t even need to take your iPhone with you for the step tracking and step counting function to work! That’s right, you can leave your iPhone at home and your Apple Watch will count your steps for you!

Google Talking Shoes Join Google Glasses as Newest Google Wear Ware

Google Glasses are soooo yesterday. The newest thing is Google Shoes. Now, we are all familiar with Apple’s partnership with Nike, which allows your iPod to talk with your Nikes (or is it the other way around?), to track your distance and other pedometer sorts of functions. But with the Google Hi-Tops, the technology talks to you. These aren’t your mother’s Chuck Taylors! And how does YesYesNo factor into this?

Using the Internet to Get Fit: Our Review of the FitBit Wireless Activity Tracker and Wifi Scale

Usually ones thinks of the Internet as encouraging you to sit at your computer for hours on end, turning into an amorphous, overweight, lazy blob of jelly, much like the adults in the movie “Wall-E”. But not so if one has the FitBit Wireless Activity Tracker (get that? Activity Tracker, not just a pedometer) – and particularly if one also pairs it with the FitBit Aria Wireless Scale. In fact, with these two devices together, you basically have an Internet personal trainer – one that, with apologies to the Police, is with you every step you take and every move you make. In fact, it will even monitor your sleep patterns for you, if you like!