How to Make a Manual or Extra Payment on Your Paypal Working Capital Loan Using a Credit Card or Bank Account

Paypal Working Capital is Paypal’s business loan service where you repay the loan by Paypal taking a percentage of every payment you receive until the loan is paid off. But what if you want to make a single manual payment or an extra payment on your Paypal Working Capital loan using a credit card or bank account?

How to Change or Cancel Recurring Charge Automatic Payment Subscriptions with Apple Such as for Tinder or Bumble

If you are like so many other people, you may have agreed to a recurring charge (‘subscription’) from within an app such as Bumble, Tinder, Nomorobo, or other app, and then completely forgot about it (that would be the ‘set it and forget it’ that these apps count on), only to be reminded of it when you get an email reminder like the below. And now you want to know how to change or cancel that subscription, but the ‘helpful’ reminder is silent on that point.

How to Cancel or Close a Payloadz Account

If you have ever used the Payloadz service, you may be wondering how to cancel your Payloadz account. In fact, Payloadz doesn’t explain anywhere on the site how to cancel their service, and contacting them may not even help. They just keep billing you every month through Paypal. And that, in fact, is the key. So here’s how to cancel the Payloadz service (and also how to cancel any Paypal recurring subscription payment).

List of ParkMobile Zones for Pay by Phone Parking Throughout the United States

The ParkMobile app is really convenient – mobile parking payment and mobile parking meter monitoring are awesome. What isn’t so convenient is that there is no printed list of locations that use the ParkMobile mobile parking app! There is a map, with tagged locations, but that is not nearly so useful as a good old-fashioned list. So, here is a list of ParkMobile Zones locations.

Paypal STILL Blocking ALL Personal Paypal Payments to People in India – Here’s Why

If you have reason to send money by Paypal to anyone in India – or if you are someone in India needing to receive money via Paypal – well, you may be out of luck, unless you can legitimately claim that the funds sent by Paypal are not for personal use, but, rather, are a business transaction for the purchase of goods. That is because Paypal has suspended all personal payments to India, and has even taken the radical step of reversing some personal Paypal payments to people in India that were already paid (leaving the hapless recipient with a negative balance), all at the demand of the Indian government, over concern that funds earmarked as ‘personal’ may actually be money being sent home by Indian citizens working overseas (known as a “remittance”).