When Should You Change Your Password?

It seems like every week brings news of a new hacking, which in turn means that usernames, email addresses, and passwords are constantly being posted online by hackers, and this inevitably leads to a simple question: when should you change your password? Or, to frame the question in a slightly different way, how often should you change your password? In general, you should change your password about as frequently as you can tolerate changing your password. As long as you can keep track of your various passwords, there isn’t any disadvantage associated with changing it (besides the fact that changing your password can be a bit of a pain). Now, however, there is at least one definite answer to the question posed above: you should change your password when ShouldIChangeMyPassword.com tells you to.

LinkedIn Password Breach Requires that You Change Your Password – NOW!

Here’s the skinny: LinkedIn experienced a password breach today – 6.5 million passwords were leaked. Now, according to reports, LinkedIn has 160 million users, so that’s not even 5% of the total number of LinkedIn passwords that could have been compromised, but its certainly enough that you should go to LinkedIn right now and change your password. Here’s how.

Police Advise Know Your Child’s Facebook Password, Even If You Have to Steal It!

We have often taken flack for saying that children have no business being on Facebook (or the Internet in general), and that parents really don’t understand the dangers of letting your child on the Internet without adequate supervision and precautions. Now a group of police officers is saying the same thing, going so far as to say that you need to have your child’s Facebook password, and monitor their activity on Facebook – even if it means stealing their Facebook password to do it.

Gunfight at the Password Corral – Showdown Over Passwords Between Sheriff and County Officials

It has all the makings of a classic western: trouble brewing between two factions in Arizona over disputed territory, the law unable to head the confrontation off, people taking matters into their own hands, and it all culiminating in the inevitable showdown. Only in this case, the dispute is over computer territory, one of the factions is the law, and the other side is the county itself!