How to Report Damaged or Bad Packaging to Amazon

It’s not all that often that Amazon gets it wrong, especially when you consider that, by some estimates, Amazon ships more than 3million packages a day. Still, sometimes an Amazon order arrives with a damaged box, or damaged items, or just plain bad packaging. Amazon has actually made it easy to provide them with feedback and to report poor packing or damaged packaging, if you know how. Here’s how to report damaged packaging or bad packing, or leave other packing or packaging feedback, at Amazon.

What does the Baggage in Your Luggage Say About You? Interview with Dr. Joseph Williams

As you travel over the holidays, ask yourself “What does what I put in my luggage, and how I pack it, say about me?” Is there more baggage in your baggage than you may realize? Just in time for the holiday travel season, listen to our interview with Dr. Williams, which covers everything from the psychology of luggage packing to tips for travel, as well as includes a behind-the-scenes look at baggage handling.