FCC Proposes that You Have to Opt-In Before Internet Service Provider Can Sell Your Info

Now here’s a novel idea: how about if your Internet service (ISP), telecom, or broadband provider had to get your permission before they could sell your information and data to third-parties? That’s just what FCC Chairman Tom Wheeler is proposing (full text of proposal below). What, you thought it was already that way? Think again, and the Internet, broadband and telecom providers are fighting it.

iPad Newspaper Service to Offer New Publishing Venue for Cash-strapped Newspapers

Apple is fixing to announce a new iPad news service through which newspaper publishers can publish their newspapers on the iPad as iPad newspapers. The newspapers will charge a subscription fee, of which Apple will take a cut. While currently iPad owners can read some newspapers on their iPad by going directly to the newspaper’s web portal or website, the new iPad news service will presumably allow your daily newspaper to be delivered directly to your iPad. We anticipate that this will look like a cross between the newspaper’s web offering, and an RSS feed.

Toyota Admits Terrorizing Woman with Stalking Email Campaign, Claims She Asked for It

Amber Duick was minding her own business when she suddenly started receiving a series of scary emails from a Sebastian Bowler – a stranger who seemed not only to know who Duick is, but to know how to find her. Indeed, he knew her previous address, and generally where she lives now, and, he said, he was coming to her house to hide from the police. Amber was terrified – even sleeping with a machete by her bed and insisting that her boyfriend keep mace and a club by his side. Terrified, that is, until she learned that it was all an elaborate marketing stunt being carried out on behalf of Toyota. Toyota’s response? She asked for it, they say, by opting in to their marketing emails.