Saudi Women Showing Body Parts Online in Effort to “Liberate Themselves from Social Restrictions”

Reports are coming out that there is a new trend amongst Saudi women looking to rebel, where they post pictures of various parts of their bodies to Facebook. While Americans may be used to the “Girls Gone Wild” brazenness of young women in in the US, the pictures posted by Saudi women are much more tame by American standards, but some Saudi people are extremely unhappy with what is displayed in the pictures.

Dead Sea Scrolls Put Online for the World to See

Those scrolls of the Dead Sea, the Dead Sea Scrolls, once approachable by only a very select few, are now available for viewing by anyone with an internet connection, thanks to a collaboration between Google and the Israel Museum in Jerusalem. Most people have two questions about Dead Sea Scrolls: 1. What are the Dead Sea Scrolls? And 2. Where are the DeadSea Scrolls? Now the answer to the second question is easy: they are online (see link below). As to the first question, put simply, the Dead Sea Scrolls are the earliest known biblical documents from around the time of Christ (thought to be from 125 years before the birth of Christ through about 70 years after), and include the earliest known versions of the Hebrew bible, and other relevant documents. And now they are online!

Where to Donate Online to Help Japan Relief Efforts

As the crisis in Japan continues to unfold, seemingly without end, more and more people are moved to donate to relief efforts to provide help and aid to the Japanese people, but aren’t sure which relief efforts are legitimate, or how to avoid the scams. Here are three legitimate, worthy organizations, all of which are involved in relief efforts to help the victims of the Japanese earthquake, tsunami, and nuclear power plant reactor crisis. Each has a different focus, and all are legitimate, and will use your donations well.

Online “Girlfriend” Scams $200,000 from Illinois Man

From our “Why online scams work” department, a woman (if she is indeed a woman) who was in an online relationship with an Illinois man for over two years has managed to scam at least $200,000 from the man. The scam came to light when the 48-year-old man from Naperville, Illinois contacted police because his ‘girlfriend’ had disappeared right after he wired her the last of the $200,000, and he feared she had been kidnapped.

Where to Find Free Audio Books Online to Download

Whether your digital audio book audio device is an iPod or iPad running an audio book app, or another of the audio book devices, you can take advantage of free audio books online. Why buy audio books when you can get not just cheap audio books, but free audio books online? An online audio book usually is in the form of an audio book mp3, or other audio book format, that you download to your digital audio books audio book player (again, such as your iPad or iPod, or even your cell phone). Whether you are looking for a business audio book such as the 4 Hour Work Week audio book, a classic audio book such as the To Kill a Mockingbird audio book, some other fiction audio book, audio books for kids, unabridged audio books or an abridged audio book, you can find them in free audio book versions online. Many of the audio book clubs online offer free audio books during their trial membership period, but the average price for purchasing an audio book through an online audio book clubs is in the $20s and $30s of dollars. Which is why we prefer completely free, no strings attached free audio book downloads.

Real-Life Example: Picture of Children Filched from Blog and Made All-Too Public

We’ve been telling people for years not to put pictures of your children up online on the Internet. Nobody ever believes us that perfect strangers will not only find those pictures, but do inappropriate things with them. Now here’s a real-life example of this happening. In the instant case, Danielle and Jeff Smith are lucky that “all” that was done with the picture of their children is that it was blown up bigger than lifesize and used in an advertisement half-way around the world.

The Best Place to Watch the U.S. Presidential Election Results Online

As millions head to the polls today, people are wondering “where can I watch the presidential election results on the Internet?” Many want to sneak a peak at the election returns online from work or school. In fact, in one of the most anxiously watched elections for U.S. president in recent memory, it is predicted that a record number of people will be monitoring the election returns in realtime, and many of them will want to monitor the election results on the Internet. So we’ve scoured the Internet for you to determine where you can most reliably tune in online to watch the presidential election results. Read on below!