Positive Pregnancy Tests for Sale on Craigslist and eBay

Men, beware. Before you propose in order to ‘do the right thing’ after being presented with a positive pregnancy test, be sure that you take your intended to a doctor for a blood-based pregnancy test, and that you personally see the results. Or, at very least, buy a new pregnancy urine test, hand it to your girlfriend outside the bathroom door, and have her come out with that test in hand, to see the results. Because there is a new cottage industry of selling positive pregnancy tests online, in both Craigslist and eBay.

California Law AB 242 Would Require Privacy Policies to be Written at an 8th Grade Reading Level and be No Longer Than 100 Words

Proposed California law AB 242, introduced by Assemblyman Ed Chau, is creating quite a buzz due to its wording, or rather, proposed lack of wording. AB 242 would require that all commercial websites and services offered through the Internet which collect personal information about California consumers make its privacy policy be written at a level of 8th grade reading, and be no longer 100 words.

The White House Officially Responds to Online Petition to Secure Resources and Funding to Begin Construction of a Death Star by 2016

The government’s sponsored online petition site “We the People” promises a White House response for all petitions with more than 25,000 signatures, and sticking to that promise, they issued an official response to the online petition entitled “Secure resources and funding, and begin construction of a Death Star by 2016.” The petition received over 34,000 signatures.

Capture and Document Your Whole Life Online: New Life-Capturing Camera, Memoto, Lets You Record Your Life for Posterity

If you ever wanted to match the face to a name you just learned, or if you find yourself kicking yourself over missing a fabulous photo opportunity, then the tiny little Memoto clip-on camera may be just the device for you. Still in its concept phase, the device is promising to hold pubic interest, having already raised $245,000 on Kickstarter, far surpassing their goal of $50,000.

FTC Gears Up to File Antitrust Lawsuit Against Google

Google is yet again finding themselves in hot water as the Federal Trade Commission is poised to slap them with an antitrust lawsuit. The FTC staff recommendation for the antitrust lawsuit is not unexpected given the swift investigations of Google by California, New York, Oklahoma, Mississippi, Ohio and Texas. On top of the U.S. investigation, there is also an antitrust investigation of Google taking place in Europe.

Google Slapped for Continuing to Collect Personal Data from Safari

Google is again blaming technical glitches for violating privacy policies and collecting personal data, this time from those using Apple’s Safari web browser. Google has agreed to pay the Federal Trade Commission $22.5 million – the largest amount that the FTC has ever fined – because they sneakily undermined the privacy settings of millions of Safari users by using computer code to trick Safari into granting Google access to user activity through cookies.

California Governor Jerry Brown Approvals Senate Bills 1052 and 1053, Providing Free Online College Textbooks for Students

Undergraduate students of California’s public college and university system will now be able to access many of their textbooks for free, online. Governor Jerry Brown signed senate bills 1052 and 1053 into law, which will establish online libraries that contain digital textbooks for the 50 most commonly taken lower-division courses.

Study Reveals that as Many as 16% of All Visits to Websites are from Bots, and 26% of All Traffic is “Aberrant”

Bots generate at least 10% of all online traffic, according to data released today by Solve Media, a company that provides security authentication solutions through CAPTCHA-based advertising technology. Solve Media indicates that they have seen a 400% increase in what they term ‘aberrant’ traffic across web-based services such as commenting, voting, registration, contact and commenting.

Judge in Disorderly Conduct Trial of Malcolm Harris of Occupy Wall Street Orders Twitter to Turn Over Deleted Tweets

Twitter has been ordered to turn over the deleted tweets of Occupy Wall Street protestor, Malcolm Harris, after he was charged with disorderly conduct during an Occupy protest. In a controversial move, presiding Judge Matthew Sciarrino Jr. demanded that Twitter turn over Harris’ records for the period of time during the incident because, Sciarrino believes, there are tweets that could be relevant to the case.

Compare Flights, Find Insanely Cheap Flight Deals and Book Those Flights Online with Google Flights!

If you want insanely cheap flights while still being able to book flights online, you can now get cheap flight deals, and compare flights, through Google flights. And these are not cheapo flights from some sort of questionable airline that you have never heard of, these are discounted flights from well known airlines such as US Airways, United, JetBlue and Delta.