Teens Sending Naked Pics of Self Receive Novel Sentence

It’s no surprise that today’s teens are more advanced than ever. Not only are today’s teens more advanced on an academic level and a technological level, but they are more advanced on a sexual level as well. Everything from the Internet to cell phones offer teens a perfect outlet to express themselves sexually. Unfortunately, these same outlets allow teens to exploit one another sexually, leading to what amounts to criminal activity without the teen ever realizing he or she has committed a crime.

Teen Faces Child Porn Charges for Sending Nude Cell Phone Pics of Self

A teenaged girl is facing felony child pornography charges after sending nude cell phone pix (a practice now known as “sexting”) of herself to classmates. The teen, from (really, we couldn’t make this up) Licking Valley High, was charged with, among other things, illegal use of a minor in nudity-oriented material (the cell phone pics), as well as possession of criminal tools.