Review of the New MySpace: Better Than Pandora, Nothing Like Facebook, Pinterest or Even the Old MySpace!

The social media world is buzzing with opinions about the new Myspace now that they have released the new version. Ever since it was announced that Justin Timberlake was one of the new partners involved in reviving the dead social media site, the Internet has been flooded with speculations as to how the newly revamped site will compare with Facebook, Pinterest, Pandora, Songza and, of course, how it compares with the old Myspace.

MySpace Comes Back from the Dead Fully Reanimated. New MySpace Site Includes Gorgeous Video and Eye-Popping Graphics

Justin Timberlake is again bringing sexy back, this time to Myspace. Unveiling the new Myspace on Monday, Justin Timberlake and his two fellow investors, Chris and Tim Vanderhook, premiered a video presentation to company employees. The new design is sleek, graphically pleasing, is easy to use, imports Facebook contacts, and brings together users and their favorite artists. As Tim Vanderhook put it, “In a single sentence, it’s a social network for the creative community to connect to their fans.”

Myspace and Feds Settle Charges Over Myspace’s Sloppy Sharing of User’s Personal Information with Advertisers

Myspace (yes, they are still around, believe it or not) has settle charges with the Federal Trade Commission over Myspace’s alleged misleading of their users as to how Myspace was handling user personal information. Put plainly, Myspace was sharing the personal information of their users with advertisers, but misleading users about how they were using their personal information.

Racy MySpace Photo Causes Mother to Lose Custody of Infant Son

Last month, with little fanfare, an Arkansas woman lost custody of her infant son due, at least in part, to photos that she posted to her MySpace page. The tale of Robert Lipps, Kathleen Lipps (a/k/a Kathy Lipps), and Baby Lipps all began when Robert Lipps was on deployment, and his pregnant wife Kathy allegedly had an affair with one Troy Whittington. This sordid chapter of their tale ended when Kathy Lipps lost custody of the infant Lipps due to, among other things, her posting pictures of herself, laying in bed with and kissing Troy Whittington, to her MySpace account.

Study: Teens Warned Via MySpace About Risky Behaviour Stop Talking About Risky Behaviour on MySpace

A new study about teens who talk about teen sex on MySpace, and other risky behaviours in their MySpace profiles and pages, has found that if someone in a position of authority, such as a doctor, who is also on MySpace, contacts them about the risky behaviour being discussed, they may stop talking about it on MySpace. No kidding?