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Ford Sync Internet On-Board Comes of Age: Internet In the Dash In Dozens of Ford Vehicles

As those who’ve joined the Sync My Ride generation already know, Ford SYNC may be the ultimate in convergence technology, marrying Internet, voice recognition and voice commands, and, of course, your cell phone, as an integral part of your car. With MyFord Touch – an LCD dashboard screen – coming this year, and with Ford SYNC available in dozens of models of Fords, working with most modern cell phones – the Ford SYNC system is now all grown up. (Want to know the best phone for Fords SYNC system? See below!) When Ford SYNC first launched, the system ‘recognized’ about 100 voice commands; this week Ford announced that SYNC in Fords now recognizes more than 10,000 commands – and that’s just ‘first level’ commands, meaning those commands can be combined with other words and phrases.