Amazon Echo Recordings and Fitbit Tracking Used as Evidence in Murder Trials – Smart Devices as Witnesses for the Prosecution

Earlier this week we wrote about what Amazon is recording and storing for their use when you talk to Alexa on your Amazon Echo device. We also told you how to delete those recordings. Today we’re going to give you some real-life examples of how such recordings are being used in criminal proceedings. And of course the same can be true for Google Home recordings, Fitbit tracking, and any other smart device that tracks your movements or records your voice (or both).

Grisly Ohio Craigslist Killings Detailed in New eBook

Stephen King himself could not have come up with a more twisted, gruesome plot than the reality of the Craigslist killings that took place in Ohio in 2011. Now the exploits of Craigslist murderer Richard Beasley and his teen sidekick Brogan Rafferty, the stories of their victims Timothy Kern, David Pauley, and Ralph Geiger, and lone survivor Scott Davis, are detailed in a new ebook published by the Akron Beacon Journal.