Bruce Springsteen Offers Free Download of Live Chicago Concert Because of East Coast Blizzard

Not only is Bruce Springsteen the Boss, but he’s a class act, as well. Scheduled to play Madison Square Garden yesterday, the concert had to be postponed owing to the blizzard of ’16. And so, he and the E Street Band have made available for free download, in its entirety, last week’s Chicago concert, including the debut of their cover of the Eagles’ ‘Take it Easy’, as a tribute to Glenn Frey (entire playlist below). Now that’s class!

How to Listen to a WMD File on a Mac and to Convert it to MP3 – No Additional Software Required!

More and more audio files are showing up on the Internet in WMD format, which means that you need to convert those WMD files to listen to them on your Mac or MP3 player. This is particularly true for audio books, which frequently are downloaded as a WMD file. WMD is a format used by Microsoft’s media software, and unless you want to install the Microsoft software on your Mac in order to play your WMD file on a Mac, you are going to have to convert that WMD file in order to listen to it on your Mac. Fortunately, it’s actually really easy to convert a WMD file to listen it on a Mac, and to create MP3s of the file so that you can listen on your iPod, iPad, or other MP3 player.

Where to Find Free Audio Books Online to Download

Whether your digital audio book audio device is an iPod or iPad running an audio book app, or another of the audio book devices, you can take advantage of free audio books online. Why buy audio books when you can get not just cheap audio books, but free audio books online? An online audio book usually is in the form of an audio book mp3, or other audio book format, that you download to your digital audio books audio book player (again, such as your iPad or iPod, or even your cell phone). Whether you are looking for a business audio book such as the 4 Hour Work Week audio book, a classic audio book such as the To Kill a Mockingbird audio book, some other fiction audio book, audio books for kids, unabridged audio books or an abridged audio book, you can find them in free audio book versions online. Many of the audio book clubs online offer free audio books during their trial membership period, but the average price for purchasing an audio book through an online audio book clubs is in the $20s and $30s of dollars. Which is why we prefer completely free, no strings attached free audio book downloads.

Is the New iTunes Plus Worth the 30 Cents that the Plus Costs You?

It was a seemingly watershed moment in iTunes history. Earlier this year, Apple finally broke down and did away with their previously iron-clad pricing structure of .99 for any song in the iTunes catalog. Instead, they introduced their “iTunes Variable Pricing”, meaning that you might pay any of .66, .99, or $1.29 for a tune. But what makes this really interesting is that, in addition, now the entirety of Apple’s iTunes music catalog has lost the Apple-proprietary digital rights management (DRM) and is DRM-free, which is the + in “iTunes Plus”.