Square Android and iPhone Mobile Payment App Lets You Leave Your Credit Cards at Home

Paying for your morning latte just got easier with the new Pay with Square app, which allows users to pay for purchases without swiping their credit card. Instead, users can pay for their purchases directly with their Android or iPhone. The app can be downloaded directly from the Apple App Store or Google Play. Users must be running at least iOS 4.1 or Android 2.2 in order to use the app.

Red Bull Phone Network Puts Energy in Your Mobile Phone

Red Bull, the makers of Red Bull Energy Drink, are branching out – a lot. They are bringing online a line of Red Bull mobile phones – that’s right, the Red Bull cell phone. Red Bull says that the Red Bull Mobile phone service will bring you “the latest handsets, competitive tariffs and a complete package of mobile communication features. Even more, it gives unlimited access to the world of Red Bull. Welcome to our playground.”

Another Exploding Cell Phone Battery Kills Another Man

Exploding cellphones are not an urban legend. In fact, another exploding mobile phone battery has killed another man (yes really). The incident, which happened over the weekend in China, is the second time in a bit over a year that a cell phone battery has exploded and killed someone. The last time that a cell phone battery exploded and killed someone, the force of the blast broke their ribs.