The Full Text of the “47%” Romney Video Transcript

Mother Jones has released the entire full recording of Mitt Romney speaking at a May 17th fundraiser in Boca Raton, Florida. Since the initial snippets were released Romney has remarked that he wanted the full video to be released so that the quotes from the initial clips could be heard in full context. Mother Jones was apparently happy to oblige, and NBC news released the full transcript of the full video. Here it is.

How Will Mother Jones Internet Videos of Mitt Romney Insulting the 47% Affect the 2012 Elections? (Includes Full Video!)

Mother Jones has released Internet video that some are saying are pretty damning for the Romney campaign. Between insulting 47% of Americans as being lazy, entitled victims living off the government, and saying that he thinks that Palestinians aren’t interested in peace and so Romney himself is not that concerned about a middle east peace process, all in his own voice, on video, it’s hard to see how he can recover from this. Is this the sign of a new era of Internet video having the power to change entire presidential campaigns? (See the full video below!)