12 Not Obvious Things You’ll Want to Know about Your Apple Watch

Let us start by saying that we were those people who thought the idea of an Apple watch was ridiculous. Then we realized that it’s a lot less rude to surreptitiously check our watch than it is to whip out our phone every time a message comes in, and that started the descent into Apple watch fandom. This is not a review of the Apple watch, so much as it is a list of things that are nonobvious, that you’ll want to know about your Apple watch.

Obama Says “Unlock a Cell Phone, Go to Jail” Law Should Be Abolished

Back in February we told you that it had just become illegal, on a Federal (i.e national) level, to unlock a cell phone – yours or anyone else’s. This was owing to the Library of Congress’ inaction, specifically their failing to renew an exemption to the DMCA (Digital Millenium Copyright Act). The exemption is what made it legal to unlock a cell phone despite that otherwise the DMCA would prohibit it. Not only that, but starting next year, you could go to prison for five years for unlocking a cell phone without the carrier’s permission. Now President Obama is leaning on the FCC to make unlocking your cell phone legal.

How to Stop Your iPhone Screen from Rotating

Have you been frustrated trying to figure out how to stop your iPhone’s screen from rotating? Wouldn’t you think that the setting to lock the screen orientation would be obvious? But it’s so not obvious. In fact, the trick for how to lock portrait orientation, which is how it is referred to on the iPhone, is anything but obvious. Here’s how to lock portrait orientation on your iPhone so that the screen stops spinning like a top whenever you tilt your phone.

How to Lock Your iPhone Screen in the Upright Position

If you get frustrated when your iPhone screen switches from the upright position (known as “portrait” view) to the horizontal orientation (known as “landscape” view) at the slightest change swivel of your wrist, you may have gone searching for a way to lock the orientation so that doesn’t happen. On the iPad, there is an external button to lock the orientation of the screen, but on the iPhone that same button serves the mute function. Here’s how to lock your iPhone screen so that it is locked in the portrait orientation.