How to Change the Privacy Settings for Things You Share to Facebook

If you are trying to share something from a website by posting it to your Facebook timeline through that site’s Facebook Like, Share, or Recommend button, and you can’t figure out how to change the privacy setting for that share from ‘Only Me’ to ‘Friends’ or ‘Public’, here’s how to do it. After all, if you’re sharing it, you probably want others to see it!

Move Over Like – Facebook Rolls Out Love, Haha, Wow, Sad and Angry as New Reaction Emoticons for Posts

Puzzled by the new messages in your Facebook notifications that say that so-and-so “reacted to your post”? Overnight, Facebook rolled out their new post reactions emoticons – new emojis to demonstrate how you feel about someone’s post. Now, instead of just “Liking” someone’s post, you can Like, Love, Haha, Wow, Sad or Angry it. Yes, nevermind that not all of those are verbs.

Make Purchases Through American Express Amex Sync and Look Like a Twitter Spammer at the Same Time!

Twitter is trending with the promoted hashtag #AmexSync. Do you get annoyed with the “deals” that your Facebook friends “like” showing up in your newsfeed? Well prepare for it to get even worse on Twitter, as American Express and Twitter introduce Amex Sync, the service that connects your American Express credit card directly to your Twitter account. And rest assured, as Twitter has proven time and time again, your private information is secure behind their hack-proof system. (Not!)