Sick of Ads on the Internet? New AdTrap Promises to Remove All Advertising from Your Internet Connection

If you are sick of seeing advertising on the Internet (and yes, we realize that you will be seeing some ads with this very article – oh, the irony – but that’s how we are able to offer this free service), then a couple of enterprising entrepeneurs have a deal for you. Called the AdTrap, and the brainchild of Chad Russell, Charles Butkus, and Arlene Vazquez-Lopez, of Bluepoint Security, this device promises to remove all Internet advertising for all of your wifi-enabled devices.

Capture and Document Your Whole Life Online: New Life-Capturing Camera, Memoto, Lets You Record Your Life for Posterity

If you ever wanted to match the face to a name you just learned, or if you find yourself kicking yourself over missing a fabulous photo opportunity, then the tiny little Memoto clip-on camera may be just the device for you. Still in its concept phase, the device is promising to hold pubic interest, having already raised $245,000 on Kickstarter, far surpassing their goal of $50,000.