Apple iOS6 Calls, Alerts and Notifications Not Working: Do Not Disturb Feature Broken Causing Feature to Be Stuck On – Here’s How to Really Fix it

If you’re an Apple iPhone 5 or any other type of iOS6 user who missed a few appointments or an important notice today, you’re not alone. It seems that with the roll over of the new year, those who used the “Do Not Disturb” feature on iOS 6 found that it won’t turn off, causing their phone to be stuck on “Do Not Disturb” mode through New Years Day, and so not sending them notifications as usual.

Smell Something Fishy? It Could be the Chat Perf – the First Smell-o-Vision Accessory for the iPhone

If you’ve ever felt that your iPhone experience would be enhanced if you could only smell scents that go along with your browsing experience, then the Chef Perf iPhone app may be right up your alley. The app, developed by Japanese company Chaku Perfume, smells via an attached scent delivery device that contains an atomizer, also being referred to as a “smell tank.”

Apple CEO Tim Cook Issues Open Letter, Apologizes for iPhone 5 iOS 6 Mapping Software

Apple CEO Tim Cook has issued an open letter apologizing for how badly the new Apple iPhone 5 iOS 6 Mapping app sucks. In the mapping apology, Cook acknowledges that with the stunning issues with the iPhone 5’s maps, which has been dubbed ‘Mapplegate’, Apple “fell short on their commitment” to “deliver the best experience possible to our customers.” However, he also claims that the more people use the map app, the better it will get, which somehow sounds like “we released it half-baked so that our users could be the guinea pigs who get the data into it.”

Apple’s 1984 Commercial Ironically Predicts Their Sheep-like Followers

Apple’s iPhone 5 has been released with mixed reviews. Many people are outraged at the fact that Apple has released a new cord, which will force most to buy adapters at around $30 a pop, just to make their new phone compatible with their accessories. And according to senior analysts from ABI research, Apple stands to make roughly $40 million in revenue from the adapters alone in the next fiscal quarter. Over the next year, the adapters will make Apple a minimum of $100 million in revenue. And despite consumers largely being outraged at this switch, and underwhelmed with the latest iPhone, many will still devotedly follow Apple because they are devout fans.

Everything That You Need to Know About the New iPhone 5: Not Much

Apple unveiled the new iPhone 5 and their new connector cable, Lightening. What Apple today called “the biggest things to happen for iPhone since iCloud,” eager Apple fans are calling, “meh.” Apple unveiled the official iPhone 5, which does not appear to be much different from the iPhone 4S. The phone was introduced as being, “designed and built to an exacting level of standard unlike anything we, or anyone in our industry, have made before.” Except the last iPhone, apparently.