AT and T Sends iPad 3G Customers Mass Email to Apologize for Exposing Their Customers to Potential of Mass Email Abuse

In an irony that was almost assuredly lost on them, AT and T today apologized by mass email to all of their iPad 3G customers for the security leak (i.e. the hackers which had hacked into the system) which exposed their iPad 3G customers’ email addresses, exposing them to the risk of being spammed. Here is the email which AT and T just sent out – note the fact that they sent it from a non-repliable email address, which is considered a no-no in email sending best practices.

How to Connect to a Starbucks AT and T Wifi Hotspot with a 3G iPad

One of the perks of getting the iPad 3G is that, in addition to the 3G, says AT and T and Apple, “you’ll have access to over 20,000 Wi-Fi hotspots, including Starbucks, Barnes and Noble, and more.” In other words, you can connect your 3G iPad, via wifi, to more than 20,000 AT and T wifi hotspots (usually named “attwifi”), at no additional charge. But how do you connect at these 20,000+ AT&T hotspots at no additional charge? How do you connect to a Starbucks AT&T wifi hotspot, for example, with your iPad 3G?

Answers to Your Questions about AT and T Service for the iPad 3G

With the iPad 3G + Wifi release date being tomorrow to get the 3G iPad in stores (if you’re having your iPad 3G ship from Apple, and you got in on the early iPad 3G ship date, your 3G iPad should arrive tomorrow too), questions are heating up about two things: the battery life for the iPad 3G (being called by some the AT&T iPad), and how does the AT&T service for the iPad 3G really work. Here, straight from the horse’s mouth, is how the AT&T service will work with the 3G iPad.