Internet Patrol Named Top 50 Safety & Security Blog

The Internet Patrol is very happy to announce that we have been judged one of the top 50 safety, security and survival blogs in the world! The award, awarded by security outfit Security Search, out of New Zealand (go All Blacks!) went to fifty sites dealing with various aspects of security, including online security, family safety, senior safety, self defense, and survival.

Google Identifies 3.5 Million Malicious Sites Per Year (That’s 9500 New Malicious Sites a Day!)

Google is hard at work on a lot of things, including one of the most important and difficult things of all: improving Internet security. Five years ago, Google introduced Safe Browsing, an effort designed to protect Internet users – people who browse with Chrome, Firefox, or Safari, as well as anyone who searches the Web with Google – from malware and phishing. Through this effort, Google detects, among other things, 9,500 malicious sites every day. Allow us to repeat that: Google detects 9,500 malicious sites every day.

“Cybersecurity and Internet Freedom Act” – CIFA – Requires Businesses to Secure Their Networks

The Lieberman Collins “Cybersecurity and Internet Freedom Act” (CIFA) – so designated because the proposed law is being sponsored by Senator Joe Lieberman of Connecticut, and co-sponsored by Senator Susan Collins of Maine and also Senator Tom Carper of Delaware (and perhaps, more strategically important, supported by the Obama administration), is intended to help tighten up cyber security and thwart cyber attacks. Ironically, however, say opponents, this ‘Internet freedom act’ means exactly the opposite for businesses, particularly businesses that are designated as “critical infrastructure” companies. That is because CIFA would mandate – require – businesses to meet a Federal standard of network security, and out of their own pocket. (The full text of the proposed legislation is below.)