Doctor Reprimanded and Investigated After Publishing Rorschach Test Images on Wikipedia

Dr. James Heilman felt that it was time to demystify the psychiatric profession, and so, in his own effort to do so, he published the 10 ink blots which make up the Rorscach test, on Wikipedia. The good doctor’s action in making the Rorschach ink blots so publicly available on the Internet has lead to his being investigated, and facing charges of, well, making public that which psychiatrists wish to hold secret.

How and Where to Find Your Image Files in Your iPhoto Library

If you have found yourself wondering “Where are my image files stored in iPhoto?” or “How can I find the actual pictures in my iPhoto library?”, well, you’re not alone. Judging by the number of people searching to find out where iPhoto stores their picture files, it’s a pretty common question. Fortunately, it’s very easy to find your image files; your Mac and iPhoto actually hide them in plain sight!

Craigslist Images Hosed

Starting some time early this morning, it appears that all images hosted by Craigslist are unavailable. Moreover, it seems that the problem is not localized, but happening all over the United States. The problem is that the server which Craigslist uses to host its images – – is unreachable.