How to Bulk Purge or Mass Delete iCloud Email – Also How to Empty the iCloud Trash Folder

Here’s how to bulk delete email on iCloud, and also how to empty the iCloud Trash Folder. Let’s say that you want to delete many or all emails in your iCloud inbox or other mail folder in your Apple email account (i.e. your,, or email address account). Further, let’s say that you have accumulated thousands of emails in there, and you want to purge them all at once – to bulk delete them. Here’s how to do that.

How to Successfully Downgrade Your iCloud Account Storage Plan

If you’ve tried to downgrade your iCloud account storage plan to a less expensive one, or the free one, you may be wondering just how to downgrade your iCloud plan and have it actually stick. And the reason you’re wondering this is because no matter what you do when you to switch iCloud plans, it still shows you as having the previous plan – the one you are trying to cancel. Here’s how to successfully cancel or downgrade your iCloud storage options.

The New Apple Music Service in the Cloud, Called, of Course, iCloud

The netosphere is a’buzz with the announcement of Apple’s new cloud-based streaming music service. The Apple music service is actually part of a cloudy storage service called iCloud (what else?). iCloud is an online storage and “syncing” service which allows you to “sync” calendars, contacts, email, photos, documents, ebooks, and yes, your music, across multiple devices. The music part of it basically allows you to store your iTunes library in ‘the cloud’ and access it from any capable device. (We put “sync” in quotes because technically it’s not really syncing, it’s having your data “pushed” and downloaded to each of your devices, on demand, but many users still think of it as syncing.)